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Email marketing is the number one form of online marketing. In fact, in 2009, email marketing produced more than double the average return when compared to other forms of online marketing and more than six times the return compared to print advertising. You need to add newsletter marketing to your advertising arsenal now!

It works

maintain your own wordpress website

get results.

Email marketing gets results, and gets them for less cost than other marketing methods. The results are also immediate as the majority of your recipients will see the message in 24-48 hours.


flexible websites

see what's working.

...and what's not working. Track every aspect of your email campaign to accurately measure its effectiveness. See who opened it, who forwarded it, unsubscribed, bounced and even who marked it as spam.

easy to manage

customizable kelowna websites


The entire newsletter process can be automated to handle the subscribes, unsubscribes and bounced emails. If a recipient unsubscribes, they are instantly removed from the list.


easy to use

be creative.

Each email marketing campaign can be tailored to a specific group of customers. Segment your subscribers using a variety of criteria such as demographics to ensure the message generates results.

Additional Advantages of email marketing

Emails are a great way to get in contact with your customers.

  • You can personalize emails.
  • It's easy to compare results with previous campaigns.
  • No leftover printed materials.
  • Target emails for specific customer interests.
  • Can be fully automated.

Email marketing is not all about "selling". Use emails for quick announcements, newsletters and press releases. We can set up a system where you create the email campaign and send it yourself, or we can create the email and send it for you. The choice is yours.

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A few email newsletters we've done

Wildgoose winery

Wildgoose winery newsletter

Wildgoose Winery's "Vines to Vats" newsletter is a highly successful email marketing campaign. We designed the newsletter, but Wildgoose Winery manages it themselves. The newsletter consistently gets very high click through and readability rates.

Tourism Richmond

Tourism Richmond newsletter

We designed the newsletter template and set up an email marketing campaign system for Tourism Richmond to send their own newsletters. Full reporting is available so they can measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

Natural Factors

natural factors newsletter marketing in Kelowna by New Media Syndicate

We designed the newsletter template and create the newsletter for Natural Factors each month. They send us the content, we build the newsletter and send it out for them. We measure how successful each newsletter is and tweak it for the next month.