sell stuff online

New Media Syndicate can setup a store so you can start selling your products online. We can build a custom shopping cart solution specific to your business, or use a suitable off-the-shelf product.

always open

Sell while you sleep.

There's no 9 to 5 in cyberspace. Your product or service will always be available for purchase. Unlike a traditional store front, customers in Europe can be shop while North America sleeps.

related products

Cross selling works.

Set up dynamically created lists of suggested products based on previous shopping experiences. Recommend Product B to customers who also are buying Product A.


Socialize your products.

Tap into an infinitely huge market by sharing your products on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Time for coffee.

From promotion to payment, the entire online shopping process can be automated. All you need to do is package the product and ship it - and even that can be automated.

What can we do for you?

New Media Syndicate can provide online selling solutions to suit your requirements, from those that have one or two products, to those that have several thousand products and need a comprehensive system.

  • Review your product offering and set a gameplan.
  • Choose a software solution that fits.
  • Set up the store and import the products and images.
  • Help drive traffic to the site and convert users into customers.

Contact us to help you plan your ecommerce strategy.

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A few ecommerce sites we've built

Corvette Specialties

With over 22,000 products online - this is one big store! New Media Syndicate built a vehicle listings system and helped integrate the store.

Visit the store >

Luna Fertility

Even companies with a few products can have a online store. Luna Fertility has a simple store that is integrated with Canada Post to automate the shippng process.

Visit the store >

Don't Harsh My Mellow

This is the online store for the The Don't Harsh My Mellow® Brand of products. We helped integrate some site features into their existing ecommerce software system.

Visit the store >